Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Please Pardon The Appearance...

Please excuse the mess my blog has become. I wanted to change it, but because my computer is acting like a #@*& and I want to *#^*, and then @*&%%^*(, and I just want to *&#^$#(* off the balcony. I'm also not as computer savvy as my parents, so everything just takes me a little while. So, please bear with me, I hope to have it looking good again soon. I'm having a bad day, I still can't get my big tv to work. So, I decided to go on Splitcoast Stampers to look for some inspiration. I looked at my gallery, and someone wrote a comment that hurt my feelings. Anyone that knows me, understands that I am a HUGE New England/Boston Sports fan. They also know that I NEVER NEVER NEVER talk "insert bad word here" about other teams. (I only do that with my sister, Laura.) I never go up to anyone and say, "Oh, my team is so good, we are going to win and beat you etc.....". All the teams are good in their own way. It's just not good sportsmanship. So, I'm feeling a little depressed today because of all my electronic problems, and I read that someone commented on one of my cards, not the appropriate place/time, about how a certain team is going to win the Superbowl. Now, I know that this person probably really didn't think it would upset me, but it did. I've had a few people joke with me about my Red Sox avatar, usually Yankee fans, but they do it in a funny way and it's ok. I didn't take any of it personally, but this time I did.

So, needless I feel worse that than I did before the computer mess. The only thing that will cheer me up at this point is if Kevin Garnett (of the Boston Celtics) and Tedy Bruschi (former New England Patriot and current anchor on Sports Center) knocked on my door with a new laptop and a mushroom pizza from Papa Ginos! They would need to bring the Brighthouse guy to help me set up the internet in my bedroom though, because that is where I do do my crafting. Right now, my computer is in my living room, and when I'm making something, I have to run from room to room!

Thank you all for listening.



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