Friday, April 13, 2012

Spray Starch Tags

I am the trainer for the new servers at the restaurant that is my "day" job.  Yesterday, I decided to try something new and we had a scavenger hunt for items that often our guests ask for, but are not usual things that we serve.  They did an excellent job, and I thought a prize was certainly in order.  Since, I love making tags and love personalizing gifts, I went to work.  I made a simple tag with my Cricut and then covered it with this pretty polka dotted paper.  Then, I adhered a Martha Stewart doily.  I've been working on some larger crocheted flowers and added a felt leaf.  The flower center was made with a button and a  baker's twine bow.  I personalized the tag using some alphabet beads and added a few little heart stickers.

Our Managers are  stickler's for our uniforms to be pressed and our shirts have defined creases.  The best way to achieve this look is to use spray starch.  So, I picked up a few cans and tied my tags right onto the cans with a pretty bow.

The girls loved their tags and the extra starch for their uniforms.  I even got a high five from one of Managers for a job well done!

Paper:  Theresa Collins, Wasau
Misc:  Crochet flower, button, baker's twine, heart stickers, alphabet beads, Martha Stewart doily, ribbon, felt, Cricut Tags Bags Boxes & More Cartridge

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  1. What a cute idea! Great ways to make work fun. LOVE THOSE FLOWERS!!



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