Sunday, April 29, 2012

That Wasn't Very Nice

Last night, when I got home from work, I went to check out my blog.  I've been teaching training sessions at work all week and haven't had a lot of time to craft.  But, I like to read the comments that are left on my projects.  I love to check out to see if the author has a blog of their own or who they follow.  I think it's a great way to get new inspiration.

Now, I realize that I was really tired last night, and I get overly emotional when I am tired.  I am firm believer in the right to free speech that is outlined in the First Amendment.  So, while I was reading comments, I found that someone wrote a comment that one of my projects appeared "tacky" as it had a grammatical error.  The particular project was a gift for a teacher.  For those of you that don't know, my sister (who is my very best friend in the whole world) is a teacher.  I wasn't fortunate to have children, so every one of my teacher gifts are for her, her friends, and the young teacher that she is mentoring this year.  This comment really hurt my feelings, I put my whole heart and soul into every project I make.  Everything I make, I give to the person who provided the inspiration.  I'm very fortunate to have such a wonderful family and friends who have helped me through difficult times and I get so much joy at watching them receive their gift.

When I got up this morning, I was still upset about it.  I texted Laura and told her what happened.  This is what she replied....

"We loved think it's tag is on my desk."

Laura always makes me feel better.  No one would ask for a better big sister than her!  No matter how old we get, she still protects me!

My Grandma Maggie always said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."  So, the moral of this story is, if you don't like something, please keep it to yourself.  Stuff like that really hurts my feelings.

To all of the wonderful people who leave me comments, thank you so much.  I can't describe how good it makes me feel to read them.  It is such an honor to have so many followers, faithful commenters and have such talented crafters involved in my little corner of the blog world.  Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hi Beth,
    So sorry that some person left you such an ignorant comment. Clearly, that person is the "tacky" one. He/she never learned the basic lesson taught in kindergarten if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. I know how you feel cause someone left me a really scathing comment not about the project I shared but my less than perfect manicure!
    It is evident that you put your whole heart into your crafty creations. It shows. So don't be discouraged by the ignorant comment of someone who thinks so little of themselves that the only way they feel good about themselves is by putting someone else down. Don't let them get you down Beth, you do fantastic work. Keep doing what you're doing!

    1. Amen and amen!! I couldn't have said it better. The things that you make are awesome. So I give you my
      "Awesome Possum" award. Thank you for all you do!

  2. I too am sorry that person left such a comment. I'm sensitive about such comments myself and I really admire people who have blogs, but its that you enjoy your work and love to share it with people. I'm very guility of not leaving comments on blogs because I'm always in a browsing mood, but I always love to come by your blog and see what wonderful items you have and you always provide such inspiration for me to tackle something new. Have a good day and please continue your creations.

  3. I think most of us have been hit by the "jealous" commenter at one time or the other. It's so very sad that people feel good by hurting others! I am a first time visiter to your blog and I am sad that this is the first post I read, but so happy to have found you! Beautiful creations and keep on keeping on! I hope whoever the mean spirited person was read your heartfelt post and realized things like that do hurt!

  4. Beth... Mean people suck! (I always wanted to say that!) You are super talented and so generous to share your work with us- you inspire us. I feel sorry for the person who left you that comment. She must have been having a crappy day (life) and decided to share it! Either way, she MUST like something you do... she stopped by didn't she???!!!
    Have a great day :)

  5. First let me say that I read your blog daily and I am just realizing that I am not officially a follower, so I am correcting that immediately. You are incredibly talented and have inspired me to have the confidence to sell my crafts. Kudos to you! Secondly the one thing that I have learned about the internet is to have a thick skin. The internet allows anyone to express themselves regardless of their beliefs and the most I can do is to pray that they learn to be more positive and to never let someone change who I am. Please keep doing what you do, you are appreciated!

  6. I am also on the band wagon and have to say I looked at all of the Teacher's again, love them all. You are so talented and love to watch your blog. Keep up the awesome work for us to love. stephanie

  7. I too have gotten a message on my youtube channel, I had to specify that it was a demo for fellow candy wrappers and that I will delete negative thought. I love your projects and inspiration so keep on crafting.

  8. When I receive negative comments on a project, I just figure they are jealous of my talent and I am sure they are jealous of yours! Don't let the haters ruin your wonderful day! Just go create something else they can be envious of!

  9. Wow! I can't imagine anyone thinking anything you make is tacky!!! All your projects wow me and they are no where near the "tacky" statement. I love everything you do! So people are tacky with their comments and should be reminded that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that it is different strokes for different folks!! This is what make the world go around, and if we all liked the same things, then we would have a very boring world. Love you and love your projects!!!



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